XOXO Digital Marketing, Here We Go!

When I sat down in front of this blog, I feel like this


And this

giphy (1)

I never wrote blogs before. For a long time, actually, I thought blogging is for those celebrities and XYZ masters to broadcast their life details and super professional perspectives. There won’t be anybody have time to read about what I am thinking.


In the mean time, why should I spend so much time on Internet instead of  painting or keeping company with my friends and family?


Because this blog counts 30 percent of my score for digital marketing class.


I looked outside the window, desperately.


Across the Hudson River, Manhattan is under the sun of February, shining. What a wonderful day! I  rushed out to the balcony anxiously. (Photo below is taken by me today with a cellphone)


10 seconds later, I was like


Don’t be fooled by what you see, it’s less than 25F out there!

That’s it! If you never try, you will never know what it is like. Steve Ballmer once said that” You have no right to dislike anything.” I would say “At least you should know what it really is before you dislike it.”

I am trying to be more passionate about blogging. I checked all recommended blogs and surprisingly I found a lot of interesting posts and inspirations!

The world is changing every minute, but to catch up with it doesn’t mean you have to throw away traditions. Blogging is a new field for me to learn, communicate and explore! And today’s digital marketing is the same. It is growing to get the customers in an engaging way which traditional methods cannot achieve. Besides, people can still enjoy the fun of cutting coupons off the newspaper while the electronic one will automatically present in their emails when they come across the store!


In the next 12 weeks, I will passionately provide both innovative and entertaining contents about digital marketing for you. XOXO Digital Marketing, Here We Go!

giphy (3)


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