Want to dig into someone? A name is all you need!

Hi beautiful, hope you all had a wonderful International Women’s Day. No matter how busy you are right now, hold on, because Spring Break is only one week away!!!


When I scroll down Forbes today, a thumbstopper caught my eye. There are websites that you can dig into whoever you want as long as you know the name!  Backgroud Alert and BeenVerified.

giphy (46)

Have you ever Googled yourself on the Internet? If not, I highly recommend you to have a try. (That’s what my professor told us. ) Trust me, you will be surprised how many information others can get about you on the Internet. I was terrified at first and start to be aware of all the digital devises I use afterwards.


And now, things became even scary. I opened both of the websites. It says that they can provide almost all the public records, criminal records and so on when you type into the name. (The picture below is a screen shot of what a Background Alert report can let you know about the person)


I just can’t believe that all those information you can easily get by paying them several dollars. It is so crazy that the first thing comes to my mind is that if they are legal.


Find someone’s personal information, address history and phone numbers online is too much for me. In my opinion, those are privacy. I will definitely be annoyed if someone paid to find my contact information. Privacy is so important for everybody. Personally, I am terrified about what those websites will do to offense our privacy.


Fortunately, those website also have some bright sides. You really can dig into the stranger which you are going out for a date. All those criminal records will notice you about your safety. Besides, since they provide you the contact information of the person. It might be a good way to find your old friends who is out of touch for years.


As a marketer, those websites might be a good news. Think about it, if one day all the consumer database is connected to those websites, consumer’s habit is easier to interpret and they can’t fake themselves anymore in front of the marketers. All the data will be more precise and efficient. Marketers can directly target people they want since they know them deeper. Even though, it sounds so scary to the consumers.


Everything has two sides. Digging into someone through all those searching websites can be a sweet dream and a nightmare. What do you think? Feel free to comment!

XOXO, see you next week~


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