A mango flavor dream with Frooti

Hello, my dear followers, I AM BACK!~


Hope you all had a great great spring break! These two weeks seems to be two months long! I miss you so much!


Spring finally comes to the city, so today I want to tell you something bright and energetic.

The mango beverage brand Frooti is rebranding this March( March 15, 2015), using new logo, new package and new campaign.

They got a very interesting theme——Tiny people.

The campaign starts with a 50 seconds “absurdly ear- and eye-catching little film”See more in ADWEEK. In the video, several tiny people struggle to transform a huge mango into Frooti. And in the end, the Frooti is drank by the spokesperson. To make Frooti the hero and center, the beverage itself is in real size in the video where everything else around it becomes tiny. The whole video is bold, entertaining, fresh, playful and energetic! I really love the idea that exaggerates the product in the center and let those tiny little characters to create story around it. It is like a fairy tale that brings you into the mango dream with Frooti.

Here is the video~

Except the adorable video, Frooti created a lot of attractive posters and present them on each social media platform. They use #theFrootiLife to engage with the customers. With those fascinating contents, they gain a huge success.


Go diving in the “mango sea”!


Climbing in the “mango mountain”!


Fall in love under the “mango sun”!

And moreover, the mango is healthy! See it is shaking Hula Hoop!


On Facebook, they got 961K followers and people are consistently Like and Repost their content.

On Instagram, their followers are increasing and the hashtag Frooti got 3,470 posts. Actually, when I find out their page, I start following them immediately! The delicate pictures are so creative and the bright colors give me a good mood!

On Twitter, they got 8,594 followers and those lovely contents they posts have been retweet a lot.

In addition, this campaign should contribute 50 percent to the brand’s growth. Read more here Parle Agro rebrands Frooti

It’s only been 2 weeks and I didn’t find anything goes wrong with this campaign till now. Moreover, the comments online are mostly positive.


Personally, I really love this sweet and juicy campaign. If I have to say something that I think they can do better. There are two.

First, I checked Frooti website’s developer source and find out there is no keyword. They only did SEO that customer can find them by “Frooti”. But if you type into “mango juice”, there is nowhere to find Frooti above the fold. Therefore, I think Frooti may want to spend some money on SEM and buy a basket of profitable keywords like “mango juice” and so on. “Search” is essential in this digital world.

The other thing is that maybe next time Frooti should act faster because the Frooti instagram name is taken by someone with only 5 followers now. For customer who are interested in you , you want them to find you by your name easily. So maybe Frooti can buy the name?~ And this is a lesson for us, you have to be quick and visionary in this digital battle!

That’s it for now, beautiful, see you next week! I am going to get a bottle of Frooti and enjoy the “Juicy Mango Dream”! XOXO~



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