Watch out, Delta! There are always threats behind the scene.

Good afternoon, sweethearts, hope you all had a happy Easter~giphy-2

Today we are going to talk about social media crisis.

Have you ever think about one day your social media account might be hacked and posted a lot of embarrassing content? Sounds scary, right? You might need a long explanation to your mom or even worse, your other half.


But when it happened to a brand’s social media account. Things get even more complicated. Unfortunately, 10 Feb 2015, Delta’s Facebook was hacked and posted X-related content. If you are curious about what it looks like, click here. (Be careful, it is objectionable)

It took almost one hour for Delta to find out the situation and they can’t get the account back at that time. So they post a tweet out to explain it.


And later a follow-up message said the airline was investigating. (NyDailyNews) And later, when they regain the control of the Facebook account, Delta explained the situation and apologized on Facebook again.

Overall, I think Delta handled it properly. What surprise me is that it looks like people forgive Delta very quickly. In this 2 months after this hack, Delta got 400,000 more visits. (I subjected the visitors on Delta FB today to the visitors on the screenshot of 10 Feb, 2015) For me, I got a chance to look up to their posts and “Like” a few. Not bad, hah? If they handle it right, the social crisis may transform into a social buzz.


My only concern is that they should react faster to minimize the bad impact. An hour is a little bit too long for a big company to react.

If the account is been monitoring by human 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, things might be better. And I believe the cost is worth it compare to the possibility of endangered reputation.

Moreover, they can protect their account more seriously. Using password protection or change the password frequently, or whatever it takes to stay away from hacker.

Social media can give a brand a lot of benefits, but there is also threats behind it. The Internet is fast and irreversible, we should be careful of every step we take.

As for who’s most responsible to handle this kind of social crisis. I think both PR and Marketing’s should watch out. Because social account management is part of the digital marketing. And the social media is also part of public relationship. Moreover, if two departments can join together, they might react more fast, active and creative!

That’s it for now, see you next week, XOXO~



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