5 Tips to Be Better at Social Media

Good afternoon, my dearest followers~ I said I won’t say goodbye!


Those days, social media is so popular. No matter it is company or individual, we all want to be successful on these platforms. Today, I’m going to tell you 5 tips about how to handle social media.


If you are in a hurry, just watch this videoscribe I created. It will provide you the brief ideas about those tips in 50 seconds.

If you want to know more in detail. Here we go.

First of all, you have to have a clear objective in mind.

Create awareness about your brand? Generate sales? Attract new customers? Or trigger brand loyalty?

Only when you know what you want to achieve, you can handle the social media right. Always have the objective in mind and do the following things based on the objective. Or else, you will have no direction and get lost easily.


Second, choose the right social media platform.

There are numerous social media platforms out there and all have their own specialties. You have to know your audience and choose the right platform to reach them properly.

Here is a infograph I just created about the hottest social media platforms and their differences.

% Base: Online adult people

Untitled Infographic

(Source from PEW Research Center, 2014)

And you also want to know different characteristics of those platforms.


Just bear in mind that you have to choose the right platform before you say something. For example, if you are going to target women, you can’t miss Pinteret.

Thirdly, social media is gasoline, and content is fire. (@JayBaer)

This is one of my favorite quote. For social media, content is the queen. We have to provide valuable, entertaining and attractive content to gain followers.

And also, we have to be careful to make our content short and sweet. One of the smartest thing is to have more picture instead of words. Because people don’t read on internet, they scan.(Said by my Professor Joanne)

Here is a simple but useful rule to follow when we want to post something. (Source from Professor @JoanneTombrakos)

Untitled Infographic (1)

Forth, post wisely at the proper time.


(Source from Salesforce| Marketing Thing| Wired BusinessInsider | Social Caffiene | bitly | Mashable |Elaine Fogel

Design by Mycleveragency)

Besides, we can also use some tools to manage social media. For example, use Hootsuite to schedule posts on desirable time.  There are a lot of tools out there: SocialOomph, Tweepi, Spredfast, Buffer, Bitly, SocialBro and so on. We can use whatever we like to manage social media.

Finally, act like a human to engage with your audience.

Great social media account has its own personality: Energetic like @Disney, elegant like @Tiffany and creative like @BarbieStyle. We have to build up our own brand image on social media.

It has to be some real human-being behind the screen to talk and listen to its audience.

Instead of a Frozen Robot……


Use a lot of #hashtags;

Post more than one time but less than five;

Comment and reply quickly;

Be considerable and think for your audience( Just like what I did at the beginning. Provide the VideoScribe for those busy audience).

It is not easy to be good at social media. We have to devote our heart and soul into it.

But it is also not hard to do it. Just think carefully, post boldly and engage delightfully.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.32.22 PM

See you next week, XOXO~~


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