5 “W” Your Client Have to Know about Digital

Where did time go? It’s already the last week of this semester!

Today, I am going to do one thing that I have always wanted to do since the beginning of this semester. Draw some pictures!(All pictures draw by Sishi Zhu. Please don’t use it without noticing me~)

Since it’s a review of what we have learned this whole semester. I will talk about what 5 “W” you have to tell your clients before you create a digital strategy for them.

As always, here is a VideoScribe that will tell you the 5 W in 1 minute~

Why they should consider digital?

More people have access to Internet than access to safe drinking water and electricity in our world today!

Digital is different from traditional.

image (6)

Who is going to be the target?

1. The customer journey is changed from funnel to circle. The post-purchase experience is what makes it a smile!




image (4)

2. It is important to build a tribe. Loyalty matters!

What should be post?

1. Content is fire!

image (5)

image (3)

2. UX (User Experience.)

image (2)

We have to understand science behind the human thought!

Google now ranks your website search result based on if it is user friendly!

Where to put your content?

There is various digital tools and platforms: social media, email, mobile, paid media, beacon, search and so on. You have to make sure you choose the right one based on your objective.

Several facts to have a quick understanding.


When should we do it?

There is a simple chart can tell you the proper time to update your social media.


(This form is created by Mycleveragency)

That’s it! Hope it will be helpful!

Love you, my dear followers. Hope you all have a great day!

I am almost crying to say goodbye to you guys.


Contact me through Instagram: vanelovelife or Email: zhusishi@hotmail.com

I will be there for you! XOXO!

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