Are you watching in the Big Data Age?

(Lovely reminder: Please pay attention to the words in the Gifs, they are related!~)

You are been watched, there is a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.


The other agency may consider you irrelevant, but we don’t. Not matter you are ordinary people or superman, we are here to observe your habits and try to provide you the best services and products.

Dear followers, have you ever watched Person of Interest? Or most recently Furious 7? If yes, you are already familiar with the “God’s eye” that knows every movement of you. (If not, try it!~They are both fun to watch!~)

In this Digital World, our life is almost like being watched. Big data gave users the power to look into others’ life and analyze their habits.

The good thing is most of these analysis result in a more convenient life for customers and a more accurate and visualized prediction for marketers. But sometimes it will also have some side effect—-Privacy. Is there anyone enjoy being watched every minute?



So, next time, you’d better make sure to delete the cookies on your computer if you don’t want to be traced or close your “location” while you don’t want to be bothered.

As a marketer, today I want to talk more about what we can benefit from Big data and what we should be careful about it.

Why we want to use Big Data? Because the data size is huge, the source is diverse and the speed of accessing those data is almost in real time. Most importantly, Big Data is objective. We human beings are so emotional and tend to have unconscious bias. For example, marketer XYZ may prefer choosing white people to be his target since he is white while the Big Data can objectively tell him that based on all the sample data, black people are more likely to be his customers.


However, Big  Data can never replace human. Because they can only tell you what you asked. What kind of data to look into? What sample size we want? What survey to conduct? Big Data can’t answer those questions till now.


We need those experienced marketers to set the direction, to guide us to take advantage of the Big Data and to find the flaws in it.


Big Data is a powerful tool, but it’s not Aladdin’s Lamp. It is a precious mineral field that waiting for marketers to explore.


Sure we can make predictions and decisions based on the past behavior data. But we have to analyze and test those predictions to be more precise and we must let human be involved in the process. Because machine don’t have a mind that we have. Did you remember Pinterest’s Joke(See details in James’s blog)  that they simply trust every bit of data they got and send out the emails to those customers congratulating their new marriage. However, it turns out a lot of customers just browse wedding related stuff for other reasons rather than their own marriage. The data simply assume that browsing wedding related things equals to getting married soon. This surely pissed off some sensitive single lady.


The lesson we learned from Pinterest is that data alone is not enough to make marketing decision. Hah, cheers, we marketers are not going to lose job because of Big Data!

But, there is always a but.

200_s (1)

Big Data has 4 V: Volume, Velocity, Veracity and Variety. (Click here for more in detail) Accordingly, marketers in the Big Data Age has to be familiar with statistic measurement, be quick at handling new data, be agile of segmenting the data, and be versatile to deal with diverse data. See, the tool is upgraded, therefore we have to upgrade ourselves too. There are a lot of things to watch in the Big Data World.

Are you watching?


XOXO, see you next week!



A mango flavor dream with Frooti

Hello, my dear followers, I AM BACK!~


Hope you all had a great great spring break! These two weeks seems to be two months long! I miss you so much!


Spring finally comes to the city, so today I want to tell you something bright and energetic.

The mango beverage brand Frooti is rebranding this March( March 15, 2015), using new logo, new package and new campaign.

They got a very interesting theme——Tiny people.

The campaign starts with a 50 seconds “absurdly ear- and eye-catching little film”See more in ADWEEK. In the video, several tiny people struggle to transform a huge mango into Frooti. And in the end, the Frooti is drank by the spokesperson. To make Frooti the hero and center, the beverage itself is in real size in the video where everything else around it becomes tiny. The whole video is bold, entertaining, fresh, playful and energetic! I really love the idea that exaggerates the product in the center and let those tiny little characters to create story around it. It is like a fairy tale that brings you into the mango dream with Frooti.

Here is the video~

Except the adorable video, Frooti created a lot of attractive posters and present them on each social media platform. They use #theFrootiLife to engage with the customers. With those fascinating contents, they gain a huge success.


Go diving in the “mango sea”!


Climbing in the “mango mountain”!


Fall in love under the “mango sun”!

And moreover, the mango is healthy! See it is shaking Hula Hoop!


On Facebook, they got 961K followers and people are consistently Like and Repost their content.

On Instagram, their followers are increasing and the hashtag Frooti got 3,470 posts. Actually, when I find out their page, I start following them immediately! The delicate pictures are so creative and the bright colors give me a good mood!

On Twitter, they got 8,594 followers and those lovely contents they posts have been retweet a lot.

In addition, this campaign should contribute 50 percent to the brand’s growth. Read more here Parle Agro rebrands Frooti

It’s only been 2 weeks and I didn’t find anything goes wrong with this campaign till now. Moreover, the comments online are mostly positive.


Personally, I really love this sweet and juicy campaign. If I have to say something that I think they can do better. There are two.

First, I checked Frooti website’s developer source and find out there is no keyword. They only did SEO that customer can find them by “Frooti”. But if you type into “mango juice”, there is nowhere to find Frooti above the fold. Therefore, I think Frooti may want to spend some money on SEM and buy a basket of profitable keywords like “mango juice” and so on. “Search” is essential in this digital world.

The other thing is that maybe next time Frooti should act faster because the Frooti instagram name is taken by someone with only 5 followers now. For customer who are interested in you , you want them to find you by your name easily. So maybe Frooti can buy the name?~ And this is a lesson for us, you have to be quick and visionary in this digital battle!

That’s it for now, beautiful, see you next week! I am going to get a bottle of Frooti and enjoy the “Juicy Mango Dream”! XOXO~


COSTA, what is the APP use for?

Good afternoon, my dear followers. Here we met again!


I wonder how many of you are watching my blog through the WordPress App on your smartphone now. Yes, we all love App these days because it is convenient and useful. A company can use an App to engage with its customers and keep them loyal. But not every company can create very good one.


This week we are going to talk about the App for Costa coffee.

The storage of our smartphone is mostly limited. So an App must be useful to occupy the storage. That is, it should be functional and create value for users. The Costa coffee App can be connected to user’s social media account and can be a store locator. It also provide a Costa product catalogue, puzzle game and free music. Sounds pretty good, hah?


But when you think deeper, what is all those functions related to a coffee shop App? It serves a purpose that people can locate the nearest Costa coffee and can know about the product of the company. These two functions are absolutely very good. Last week I talked about Cafebene, their App only shows how many stores they have instead of helping customer to find the nearest store. Obviously, on this point, Costa did better. However, Costa creatively offers a puzzle game in the App. It is like this.


I really doubt those days how many people will use this game to kill time. Not to say engage with the brand. It is too boring to attract the customers. If you want to use a game to engage with the customers, at least it should to unique and fun to play.


The function should be mostly related to the company. Costa App also provide some free music. It is good. Starbucks also provide free music. But overall, Costa App’s theme is unclear.  On the other hand, Starbucks did a great job. They provide a membership program and you can even swipe the App to pay your bill in store. I really found the App payment thing is brilliant. You have no feeling you are using money but only see the number in an App is decreasing. And then you pay more happily.


A great App should not only be useful but also easy to navigate. If it is like a high-tech software, not too many people will like it. Again, just as we discussed last week, UX(user experience) is important. The Costa App is quite easy to navigate since it does’t contain too much stuff.

The design of the App is fine. It is consistent with Costa in store decoration and Costa logo—-simple and clear. What’s more, it provides numerous yummy pictures of the drinks and snacks. I always love those kind of pictures which looks sweet and delicious.


Overall, It is a pleasure to use Costa App as a store locator but I don’t think customer will engage with the brand through the App. After all, we already got Google Map App that can give us direction. Not too many people will willing to have it occupy the limited storage on the phone just because of the product introduction and the puzzle game. As for me, I will delete it immediately after I did this homework.


I really hate say so many bad things about all those coffee shop’s digital marketing tools. No matter it is Cafebene or Costa, they both provide really good products. It is just that the digital marketing is rising, and they should pay more attention to it to stay competitive. Starbucks’s achievement has a reason. And I believe to some extent it can contributes to their gorgeous App.


XOXO, see you next week~

Disney Digital Dazzle

Hi my dear followers~ Here comes our first story!

giphy (32)

This week, we are asked to talk about a brand that engaged with us using digital tools.

After read my first blog, you know I become passionate. However, only passionate is not enough. I thought about which brand to choose day and night. When nothing comes up, I just want to run away.


But, I am the kind of person who won’t easily gave up!

giphy (28)

Fortunately, my lovely Disney dolls gave me inspiration! I was delighted and eager to tell you about it!


When I went to Orlando Disney World last year, I downloaded Disney App and followed Disney on Instagram. And that’s how the story begins.

giphy (21)

I remember years before when I go to Disney World in Hong Kong and Tokyo, the App is nowhere to find and so does the way. I lost like a thousand times in the park and wait for hours for each attraction without the fast pass. Now, all those inconvenience is swiped away by the amazing App. In the app, Disney provides Attractions, Characters, Dinging, Restroom, Entertainment , Events, Guest Service and Shopping choices.


That is, whatever I want to do, the App can give me suggestions and directions. I reserved fast pass for my favorite attractions within 1 minute and found them easily with the map’s instruction. When is the parade, where is the nearest restroom and which restaurant to have dinner, the App gave me all the answers I want. Of course, I keep it till now because I know I will go back to the magic kingdom soon! Digital tools like useful and convenient Disney App can improve the user experience immediately and sustain customer relationships. If a company use it right, customers can feel that you try to make things easier for them and let them experience more!

(I had a fabulous time there!)

Processed with Moldiv

Disney Instagram got 1.2 million followers (Data in Feb 8th, 2015) They post pictures about Disney characters and even celebrate birthday for each character! Imagine that, when you open their account, you can engage with those lovely friends since childhood! It is fabulous for me to see them on my Instagram refreshment everyday and I won’t hesitate to like all of it.


Social media is meant to engage with customers. Disney did it successfully because they know their targets well. They keep posting entertaining contents to attract, engage and retain those followers. And people can comment, @friends and even take action like me.

They post lovely pictures of Disney dolls which is irresistible for me!tumblr_mfnzekglkq1s0dcwto1_500

And look what I did last semester.


I am not a heavy social media user, so I checked online to find more digital tools Disney used. They are AMAZING! They put so many attractive, creative and exclusive contents on Vine, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+  and Pinterest. If you want to know more, check out this link:

It is quite important to be on all popular social media platforms since you don’t know which one your customer use.

And you have to ensure you put things on to satisfy your customer always. Because once you annoy them, no matter what changes you make, they won’t buy it. (They UNFOLLOW you before you change)

giphy (42)

Since I have to register to log into the App, they smartly got my email. They sent me emails once a week which is not annoying. The content is usually about discounted Disney movies. However, it is not my type. And this is one thing I think they can do better. When they got people’s email addresses, they can provide various selections for them. People can decide what they would like to receive. This is necessary to retain customer subscription. If the content is not what I want, I will soon unsubscribe the email from them. Because


Brands should always be careful when they use digital marketing tools. It is fast, irretrievable and get into the customers daily life. If they use it right, they will succeed, or else

giphy (13)giphy (17)giphy (43)

All right, I won’t speak to much to bore you. Time for bed, see you next week, XOXO~

giphy (7)

P.S. I wrote this blog based on my own experience, if you are interested in more Disney digital news, check this out.